3 Ways to Protect Your Rubbish from Animals

If you live in an area that has dense vegetation, you are likely surrounded by a large number of animals like raccoons, squirrels and rats. The various types of animals can be a thorn in the flesh if you're hiring a skip bin and place it somewhere on your property. You should be concerned about how to keep these animals away from your skip, and this article suggests a few things you could do.

1. Don't Forget the Lid

Rental skip bins are made in a variety of sizes with subtle physical differences between different types of bins. For example, some skip bins have operable side doors meant to make it easier to get rubbish out of the bin at the time of disposal. Similarly, some bins have a lid on the top side that allows you to open and close the bin when you want to throw garbage in there. A skip bin that has a lid is the right one for you if you hope to keep animals out of your bin. It might be slightly more expensive than a similar-sized bin that does not have a lid, but it is the right choice considering the unwanted skip bin guests.

2. Dump Food Leftovers Elsewhere

If you choose not to settle for a lid-enabled skip bin, there are still other ways to make your bin unattractive to rodents and other animals. Animals will be attracted to your skip bin not because they like the material it is made of but because they're hoping to find something to eat from its contents. It might seem convenient not to use your regular kitchen waste disposal bin because you have a rental skip bin waiting to be filled with construction waste. However, this is an open invitation for unwanted animals to scavenge through the bin in a bid to satisfy their appetite. 

Use the skip bin only to hold the kind of waste you hired it for. Do not turn it into a multi-purpose waste disposal bin.

Rinse Soft Drink Bottles in Advance

If plastic soft drink bottles are part of the rubbish you intend to have in the skip, rinse them with soap and water before you throw them in there. This will help to neutralise the sweet scent that's left behind in these bottles, which could attract unwanted animals into the bin. Remember that the last few drops of the soft drink almost always remain in the bottle.

For more information about keeping animals away from your rubbish, contact rubbish removal services.