Two tips new hotel owners should remember when making waste disposal arrangements

If you recently bought a hotel and are now trying to make arrangements for the disposal of your premises' rubbish, it might be worth perusing the advice below.

Be considerate of your guests when deciding where to place your new skip bins

When deciding where to position your skip bins, you should be considerate of your guests. For example, it is best not to put the bins against a specific wall if any of your hotel rooms' windows are on this wall. If any particularly stinky items are thrown into this bin on a warm day, the smell emanating from the bin could rise upwards towards the windows that your guests have opened and enter their hotel rooms. This could result in them having to put up with their room smelling revolting for a large part of their stay.

Similarly, it's important to think about the sounds that the collection of the skip bins' contents will generate; the sound of the rubbish removal truck as it advances towards the bins, picks them up and pours out their contents could be quite loud. Given this, you should try to put the skip bins as far away from the hotel rooms as possible to ensure that the noises made by the rubbish being collected do not wake your sleeping guests up or disturb those who are trying to watch films or have conversations in their hotel rooms.

Base the frequency with which you choose to have the hotel rubbish collected on the type of waste you accumulate

A lot of business owners assume that they only need to have their premises' rubbish picked up when their bins when their reach their maximum capacity. However, it might be better to base the frequency of your rubbish collections on the type of refuse that you accumulate.

For example, if your new hotel has a restaurant or offers room service, then your bins will contain a lot of food scraps. If you do not ask the rubbish removal specialists to collect the bins' contents very often (because the bins are large enough to hold a lot of rubbish), these scraps will make the bins smell rancid for long periods. Even if you take the advice above and put the bins far away from hotel rooms' windows, this smell could become so intense that it could still be detected by guests whose rooms are many metres away from the source of this odour, or by guests who are walking around the hotel's outdoor areas. As such, even if your bins are generously sized and take weeks to become completely full, you may still need to ask your rubbish removal service provider to collect them on a weekly basis.

Arrange for your skip bins to be collected on a regular basis.