Questions You Should Ask A Rubbish Removal Company

There is nothing as messy as having litter scattered around your home compound. It is even more stressful if you are involved in a construction project and want to eliminate all the waste. Whatever garbage situation you are dealing with, it is essential to find the right rubbish removal company. Here are some of the questions you should ask a garbage disposal service.

What Types of Rubbish Do You Handle?

The first question you need to ask a rubbish removal service is the type of waste they deal with. There are different types of garbage. While a few garbage disposal companies deal with all kinds of waste, some services handle specific types of garbage. 

The most common classifications of waste include general, construction, and e-waste. General waste is waste that piles up in your home, including old boxes, magazines, clothes, cardboard, and so on. Construction waste is the debris left behind after a building project. This includes steel, plastic, rubber, and other materials. E-waste involves electronics like printers, old computers, stereos, televisions, and old electronics that have become superseded or obsolete.

What Will You Do With The Waste?

The main ways companies dispose of waste is by dumping it at a landfill or recycling it. It would help if you asked how the rubbish removal service will dispose of the trash. You should insist that the company follow government regulations in a socially, environmentally, and ethically safe way. 

It is also essential to ask what process the company will use to collect and recycle or dispose of your waste. For example, the service should be able to separate goods like paper, glass, plastic, and scrap metal from waste such as broken appliances and mattresses. The ideal company should have an effective sorting and disposal policy.

How Much Do You Charge?

You need to find a rubbish removal company whose rates are within your budget range. Some companies charge depending on an hourly basis. These companies provide a quote based on how long it will take to remove the junk.

Another factor that will affect pricing includes the distance from your home to the company's headquarters or the landfill. The difficulty of moving the junk out of your compound and the type of rubbish you have also affect the total cost for garbage removal. Compare the quotes of different companies to find the average price before choosing a rubbish removal service.