Reasons You Should Stop Burning Green Waste

Every household produces a significant amount of green waste each day. This often comprises of kitchen waste and trimmings from the trees, flowers and bushes you have grown in the backyard. The best thing about green waste is that it can decompose over time since it comprises organic matter. Once the process is complete, it can be used as biofuel or topsoil.

However, most property owners today do not have the patience to wait for the green waste to decompose or adequate space, and instead of seeking professional services like residential skip bin hire, they opt to burn their green waste. This is a lousy disposal idea that has adverse effects on the environment and lives in general. Below are some reasons why you shouldn't burn green waste.

Harms your health

If you choose to burn green waste in your backyard, you'll be exposing your loved ones and neighbours to health risks. The smoke can trigger respiratory conditions like chronic bronchitis and asthma, which may make someone experience breathing difficulties or loss of consciousness. If such a person isn't rushed to a medical centre right away, they could easily lose their life.

Besides the smoke, the green waste will release toxic fumes during the burning process. These fumes contain dangerous chemicals that can harm anyone once inhaled. For instance, dioxins are linked to health conditions like liver failure, cancer, reproductive disorders, skin rashes, etc.

Pollutes the environment

When burning green waste, smoke will be released into the environment. This smoke contains harmful substances like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and ozone-forming chemicals that damage the ozone layer. Once it rains, the same chemicals are washed onto the ground, and they find their way into the main water supply. The water is then directed to the rivers, lakes and oceans, creating an unhealthy environment for all aquatic life.

To make matters worse, the fire can quickly spread to other areas, especially during the dry season, and cause significant damages. The cost of suppressing such fires is often high.

What's the solution?

Rather than burning your green waste, you should consider using it for the benefit of everyone. All you have to do is find a residential skip bin hire company that can provide a green waste skip bin. Dump all your green waste there, and they will pick it up and dispose of it appropriately.

Another option you can consider is compositing. Once the waste is dumped in the compost, and it decomposes, you can use the content to improve your garden, lawn, flowerbeds, trees and shrubs.